I guess the best place to start is with introductions. My name is… Well my real name is Joe but to whoever is reading this, if anybody, you can call me ‘Fudge‘, after the regular name I input into any RPG that lets me do so.

I’ve started this site, really because I just wanted a place to post my general musings upon things I see in popular culture. I’m a big fan of science-fiction and fantasy film, TV, comics and videogames and since I’ve watched, binged and have played a fair amount of them over the years, I thought I’d give myself a challenge. To write a review or article of anything I choose to, once a day (at least twice a week) for the next several months, just to challenge myself to  become a better writer from a critical perspective. Ohh it’s going to be fun.

Just to note, I (like so many other reviewers) despise a numerical ranking system, primarily because their never has and never will be a consensus on what constitutes a good score. Though this, like the entire reviewing practice, boils down to personal opinion I’d prefer to use this system.

  1. How much did the film/TV show/game etc. cost to buy at retail?
  2. Is is worth that price?
  3. How much time did I spend on it?
  4. Was that time wasted or well spent?

Simple enough. Also everything I post is simply a matter of my personal opinion. I’ll repeat that: personal opinion. Okay, so drop your pitchforks.

Well then *puts on thick pink shades*. Shall we begin?……………………….


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